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For me, as a web developer and an owner of 11c Interactive web developing agency, the primary choice of programming language is PHP - the language used on more then 80% of all websites in the world. Ten years of working in IT brought me a lot of nice things: collaboration with many great colleagues and companies with whom I have collaborated and grown over the years, work with great tools and technologies and a passion for work that grows with time due to the fact I have the pleasure to do a job I love.

Tools and technologies

Tools, Frameworks, Libraries...

It is very important to find the most appropriate tool for the project you are working on. In PHP world there are many of CMSs, frameworks, libraries... The two that stand out in the crowd are Symfony and Laravel PHP frameworks. Each of them capable to handle small or large projects as they scale.


Symfony Framework


Symfony is the leading PHP framework to create websites and web applications. Built on top of the Symfony reusable Components on which some of the other PHP applications are built, such as Drupal, phpBB, and eZ Publish. Symfony is embracing and promoting professionalism, best practices, standardization and interoperability of applications.


Laravel Framework


Laravel is the PHP framework with the similar approach and even uses some of the Symfony Components. It's fast growing in popularity and its simplicity allows you to easily create projects with a lot of tools included out of the box.



Companies I've had pleasure to work with or I'm currently working with:

Geary LSF

Cofa Media

eGaming Consulting


Nexus Netsoft






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